EEEEEEE! My mamaw used to holler that out in a very high pitched voice when she was excited about something. That’s how I feel this morning. EEEEEEE! Because here I go. This is the next step of a call to write that the Lord has persistently and consistently put on my heart for a long time now. I have a large box of journals that date back to the 80’s, when I was a teenager. I know. I know. Gasp. Anyway, I started re-reading these journals the other day and was moved by how many times, in just a small sampling of those journals, I wrote these words, “I had to write” or “I was compelled to write.” Writing has always been a way for me to work through thoughts and feelings, to record the goings on in my life and to write out scriptures and prayers. I have journal after journal of these writings from my life. The most significant thing I have noted as I have started re-reading my journals is that God was there in each entry, each story, each event…the bad things, the hard things, the good things, the great things, the extraordinary things. God was there with me each step of the way. So now, He has clearly asked me to step out in faith, and start writing in a way that might benefit others. I prayed a lot about this and labored greatly over moving forward with this. I know that almost everyone has a blog and for most people it seems to be no big deal. For me, it has been a huge deal. Because I know that God wants me to reveal more of myself in a public way, in order to possibly encourage other people…to share more of who I am…what I’ve learned through a lot of good experiences, and through a lot of really hard things. I’m going to write about our crazy, boring life…and will throw in some stories about the sweet senior citizens I work with…and about being Marty’s wife and mother to an 8 year old and a 20 year old…and about gardening. Definitely will have lots in here about what I learn in my yard. That’s a whole other thing! EEEEEE! I’m going to write about my walk with Jesus, because that’s really what it’s all about…about what I’m learning about walking in freedom and what it truly means to be redeemed and about really “getting” God’s extravagant grace…finally. “Then Moses said to the Lord, ‘Please, Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither recently nor in time past, nor since You have spoken to your servant; for I am slow of speed and slow of tongue.’ The Lord said to him, ‘Who has made man’s mouth? Or who makes him mute or deaf or seeing or blind? Is it not I the Lord? Now then go, and I, even I, will be with your mouth and teach you what you are to say.” Exodus 4:10-12. Those first two verses kind of sum it up for me. They’ve been a tightly clutched, worn out “calling card” for me. My “Moses syndrome” has caused me to be resistant to this call for a while, but I know I can’t move forward if I don’t respond with obedience to what I know God is asking me to do. I re-looked up (is that a word?) those verses the other day to not only look at Moses’s words, but to also be reminded of the promise God made to him. I knew the words but had never paid attention to the actual location of that particular scripture. It took me a bit but I found them in Exodus 4:10. Interestingly enough, I flipped back in my current journal and guess what the date was where I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what God was asking me to do? Yep. 4/10. April 10. I wrote “Big Day” on each page of that journal entry so I would remember how significant that day was. So with fear and trembling, and a little excitement, and a lot of relief that this first one is finished, I will let out another shrill “EEEEEEE!” and publish this. And we’ll see where this goes. To God be the glory.